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Ch Heegee N Erin's McGee O'Tiffany

owned by Geri Rosen, Sharon Lyons and Sean McCaughley

Best in Show 4-6 Month Puppy under judge Kurt Anderson.

WD under judge Jim Deppen.
McGee wins WD/BOW for 1 point at the Trenton Kennel Club show on 5/9/2016 under judge Brian Philips.

At the Bucks County Kennel Club show on 5/7/2016, McGee takes BOB over 4 specials for a Major win under judge Helene Niietsch.

McGee wins another point under judge Katherine Kolbert by going WD/BOW at the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club on 4/23/16.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, McGee took WD and BOB over 2 Specials under judge Fred Bassett at the Kanadasaga Kennel Club show in Syracuse, NY for his second point.

On February 26, 2016 at the Wallkill Kennel Club show McGee wins WD for his first point under judge Jim Deppen.

On November 20, 2015 he took 4-6 Month Best in Show Puppy at the South Windsor Kennel Club under judge Kurt Anderson.

McGee wins WD/BOW for 1 point at the Trenton Kennel Club show on 5/9/2016 under judge Brian Philips.

At the Staten Island Kennel Club on 5/28/16 McGee takes WD for a 4 point Major under judge Ken McDermott.

At the Plainfield Kennel Club on 5/29/2016 McGee wins WD for a 3 point Major under judge Anthony Di Nardo.

At the Burlington Kennel Club on 6/05/16 McGee takes WD/BOW for 2 points to finish his Championship under judge Dana Cline. He also took Owner Handler Group 1 and Reserve Best In Show under judge Daniel Smyth.

Pedigree of Heegee Autumn X Tiernan Puppy





CH Tiffany's N Erin's Allegro

GCH Canal-Side's Imperator

GCH Monarch 'N Canal-Side's Prophecy

GCH Nspird Hollywood Legend CA

CH Snow Hill's Reigning Monarch

Canal-side's Lady Coquette

CH Canal-side's Boston Whaler

CH Canal-side's Fresh Samantha

GCH Sparkyanna's Riona Of Tiffany's

GCH Shamrock N S.exposr Rocket Man

CH Shamrock N Erin Livin Lavida Loca

CH Shamrock N S.exposur Annemae CD RE

CH Erin N Sparkyanna's Elles Belles CD RE

CH Erin's Wildwood Perfect Game

CH Erin's Wldwd Crystal Limerick CDX RE

CH Heegee's Autumn Splendor (l)

CH Erin's In My Sister's Shadow

CH Erins Poetic License

CH Erins Poetic Justice

CH Tioga Blue J'ns Of Dalmatia

CH Erin's Emerald Gem

CH Planet's Dappled Dreamer

CH Erin's Naughty But Nice

CH Heegee's Count Your Blessings (l)

CH Erin'n White Magic's The Sorcerer

CH Erin's Wildwood Rocky Road (l)

White Magic's Pumira O'thundera

CH Heegee's String Of Pearls

CH Erin's Poetic License

CH Heegee's Just One More Time

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