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All of the dogs at Heegee are homebred and loved. The continuing goal of Heegee Dalmatians is breeding for soundness and temperament. We usually have about one litter a year and in 44 years we have had 28 litters and 22 Conformation champions and one multi-titled Obedience dog. We have been BAER testing all of our puppies since the test became available and are proud to say that we have had 76 bi-lateral hearing puppies consecutively.

Our dogs and puppies are family/companion dogs first and show dogs second. Heegee has made a lot of people happy with our dogs and our dogs sure do make a lot of people happy!
PUPPIES ~ I do not have any litter plans at this time. Thank you!
You can check the Dalmatian Club of America Litter Listing Service and DCA Breeder Referral pages on How To Find A Reputable Dalmatian Breeder for available puppies.

Here are some pictures from one of our past litters...

Dalmatian Puppies eating out of a flying saucer
"Chow Time!"
Dalmatian Puppies 3 1/2 weeks old
"The Great Escape"
Some of our past puppies at 3 1/2 weeks old...
Boys 1
Boys 1
Boys 2
Boys 2
Girls 1
Girls 1
Girls 2
Girls 2

Heegee Puppies Pictured at 6 Weeks
Photo by Ulwick Affiliates

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